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Friday, August 31, 2012

Bubble Tea

John and I are sitting at this little Vietnamese restaurant, Little Saigon on Euclid Ave., when I look up across the street and see this.

I got so excited when I realized this was the place that my good friend, Michelle, used to talk about all the time.  We never got a chance to try Bubble Tea while she lived here, but when we went to Hawaii, she took us to a little place that made them.  I couldn't resist.  After dinner, I indulged myself in a mango tea.  What is "Bubble Tea," also known as Boba Tea?  It's a Taiwanese, smoothie-type drink with a hint of tea and bobas added in, I think, just for fun.  Bobas are tapioca mixed into the smoothie and are sucked up through a large straw.  Yeah!  It was weird at first, but now I'm hooked!  Thanks, Michelle!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Empty Nest

Well, it's been two weeks today that we dropped off our youngest at Missouri State University.  It was, quite possibly, the hardest thing I've had to do.  Beki was ready to go and super excited to get moved in to her dorm.  We helped her get set up, bought her the new TV.  On Saturday, we picked her up along with Ari and took them out to lunch.  I tried really hard not to cry, but saying good-bye was just too hard.  So, with tears flowing down my face, I told her how much I'd miss her.  This just doesn't seem fair to me.  Us mom's get the bad end of the deal, spend 18 years raising them up and sacrificing everything for them only to be left empty-handed.  I am excited for her, though.  We've done our job and am confident that she will be fine.

It's going well for her.  She decided to try to get into a sorority.  They recruited the first week of school.  She was bid on by her #1 choice, the Sigma Kappa's.  Haven't been able to talk to her much, but can tell she is really excited to get to know all her new sisters.
So, John and I are adjusting to the quietness.  Couldn't have ever imagined this day when the girls were born, but it snuck up on us anyway.  How does one go from being a full-time mom to nothing? Well, after two weeks, I'm beginning to get used to the silence, unfortunately, with the help of the!  We've been consumed with packing and moving, so that has been a welcome distraction however stressful. We are temporarily settled into a 900 sq. ft. apartment in St. Louis and are adjusting to the city life.  What do you think of those concrete floors and plywood ceilings?  Hopefully, we will close on our new home end of September and begin the adventure of our new life! 
Saph and Frosty are also getting used to the new place...making themselves at home!  :o)



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Bit of French

So, how hard can it be to adapt to city life when you live right around the corner from this?  We moved into our corporate apartment three days ago and have spent a little time exploring the area.  It was a beautiful evening for dinner outdoors and we decided on BRASSERIE by niche on Laclede Avenue, St. Louis...French cuisine.  John ordered the special, chicken wings on rice pilaf and I, finally, decided on the boeuf bourguignon which literally melts in your mouth.  The beef was in a rich sauce combined with bacon, pearl onions, all on top of creamy potatoes.  The service was spot on.  We will definitely be back.

We agreed on the chocolate good! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Evening at the Lanterns

Well, we finally made it to the Chinese Lantern Festival 2012 show at the Missouri Botanical Garden the last week it was on display.  I'm so glad we didn't miss it.  It was much more beautiful at night with them all lit up!  There were so many pretty ones...had a hard time picking just a couple to show. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fair Days

It has been years since I've been to a county fair. Going to the Wood County Fair with my parents this year, took me back to my childhood days of 4-H, spending days showing off my little dog's obedience skills. The sights and sounds brought a flood of memories. We indulged ourselves on popcorn, sno cones, elephant ears, and chocolate covered frozen strawberries. Wished I'd gotten a picture of that one! We strolled through the animal barns, reminded how awful the pigs smelled. We watched the animal show where the cutest little jack russell terriors performed some pretty impressive tricks.

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