Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Gift

Delivered this week, a gift I never expected arrived in the mail.  This story begins, it seems a lifetime ago, when I worked at Owens Community College (then Owens Technical College).  I was a student and received aid working in the Financial Aid Office.  I was taken in by a group of ladies I'll always treasure and remember fondly.  They saw me through school, getting married and sent me off with well wishes when we left for California, the first of many new homes.  I was a young girl and a couple of them could have been my grandmas.  They were friends I loved and, as with every move we've made, hated to leave behind. 

One of these sweet ladies, now 89 years old, bundled up a pile of cards and letters and pictures that I have sent to her over the past 30 something years and sent them to me.  I got chocked up before even reading her letter just looking at this pile and thinking that she'd saved these all these years!  Maybe because it's Christmas time and emotions run high, but every time I think about this I cry.

The pile is wonderful and I hope to share soon with my family, but the gift truly was the value she placed in me and how fondly she thought of me.

Often, during our time away from Ohio, I've felt forgotten or at least wondered if people care about you after you are gone.  I don't know if she'll read this or ever know how much this means to me.  Christmas this year will be hard for me as I'll be away from family.  There are only a handful of them that we have been away for over the years.  I think this Christmas I will take time to remember all of your beautiful faces, people we have met far and wide.  Know you are thought of by me and treasured even if our paths never cross again.  Blessings to you all this Christmas!!

Love, Aimee

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Letter 2018

Hello everyone!

Hard to believe that the year is wrapping up already. We’ve had quite the year, lots of visitors and traveling. No one actually believes John works, but honestly he does! Living in the UK makes traveling easy and cheap to most European destinations. This year we’ve had the privilege to visit places like, Seville, Dublin, Zermatt, Luasanne, The Hague, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Salzburg, and a few new cities in Germany. The kids each came to visit this summer and they both wanted to see Germany.  You can view photos from all our trips on my Facebook page at Aimee's Shoppe.

We also took my mom and Aunt Barb to see Ireland where we spent some time in Dublin and site seeing around the Ring of Kerry. When my brother came to visit, it was a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest, making a stop in Amsterdam and Paris.

In November, we spent a couple weeks in the states visiting and catching up with family. This Christmas, we will not be going to the home, but enjoying our last English Christmas here in Cambridge.  We have reservations at a great gastro pub for Christmas dinner.  We are all very excited to share we are going to be grandparents. Beki and Corey are expecting in June.  She’s in her first year of teaching 4th grade and though it’s a bit overwhelming, she’s doing great and loves her kids. Ari started back in August at MSU to complete her Masters in Psychology. She’s doing really well and is excited about all the opportunities that have opened up for her.

John absolutely loves his job here. As most of you know, we got a year extension which takes us through 4 years next summer. We will be moving back to the St. Louis area end of summer next year.

I’ve so enjoyed my time here as well. We’ve made lots of great friends and it will be really hard to leave.  Our church and home group are our family away from home.  We've appreciated the love and friendships that have been born out of this group.  I always seem to be busy with lots of projects and trying to keep up with the photography of all these beautiful places we’ve been. Cambridge itself has been such a wonderful place to live. I’ve managed 4 years without a car and become very familiar with the public transport systems. I’m still in awe when I walk through town that I’m really here experiencing and enjoying everything that England has to offer. It’s been an amazing experience for us and all of our visitors throughout the past 4 years. Though John is never ready to leave, I’m ready to start life back in the states as a grandma!

Our love and best wishes to you all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

John and Aimee

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Free Gratitude Quote Photo Art

"It is not Joy that makes us Grateful, it is Gratitude that makes us Joyful."

During this season of thanksgiving, remember all the blessings you have been given.  Thankfulness brings peace to our hearts and joy to our lives.  Live in Gratitude!

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Friday, April 27, 2018

New Journey in Watercolor

For a really long time I've wanted to learn to watercolor.  Something held me back, which, if I'm honest, was a bit of insecurity.  I've admired other's work, but didn't have the courage to try it myself.  Well, living here in the UK and all the beautiful scenery that is here and that comes from all our travels has inspired me to give it a go.  I was hesitant to put my firsts up to be scrutinized by others, but I've realized that there is a whole community of artists out there who are some beginners like me, but also other more seasoned artists who want to give encouragement and advice.  And I've found some strength in their words.  I admit my first attempts are rather child-like, but it didn't take long to start to get a feel for the paints and the water.  Not sure I've found my "style" yet, but it's coming.

Here a few early ones and I'll continue to note my progress as I go along in this new and wonderful world I've stepped into!

These I call my mini skyscapes.  I was basically learning to blend the paints and the skies made that easy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Venice Travel Photos

I day dreamed about visiting Venice and, so, had high expectations about what it would be like.  And, it was amazing...definitely a dream come true.  We did the usual touristy things, a gondola ride and tours of St. Marks Basilica and the Doge's Palace.  The tour group, Walks of Italy, is who we used and have had wonderful tours every time with them.  Their guides are very educated with lots of knowledge in history and the arts.

We meandered for hours along narrow streets and passageways sometimes running into a dead end at the canals.  Our hotel, the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, was across the Giudecca Canal in Giudecca so we had fabulous views looking toward Venice.  We also had incredible dinners on this side of the canal with an easy walk to access.  Water shuttles were provided by the hotel in order to get to the mainland, Venice.

I'm going to start including fewer pictures on the blog...highlight just a few special ones.  But, I'll give you a link to the full up file with all the trip photos so you can browse at your leisure.  You can find Venice, http://aimeecunninghamphotography.zenfolio.com/venice

St. Marks Basilica


Famous Bridge of Sighs

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Quote Freebie

Took this photo a while back when we first got to England.  It reminds me to always look for the good in all things.  Not everything is as it appears.  We need to be willing to look past the surface and see what lies beyond.

Sometimes it's...

friendship in an unexpected person,
a better job after a door closes,
new experiences in places you never expected to be,
flowers after the rain,
a lesson in the storm of life.

May you see the "wish."  Enjoy this free download available here.



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Free Quote Download

"If you reach with your heart, you can touch the sky."


swan, river, London, England, quotes, free quotes, poster art, reach from your heart, motivational, inspirational

Nothing is impossible if you try with your whole heart.  Sometimes the road seems impossible, but give it all you've got.  You may just find out it was worth the wait! 

If you'd like your own copy of this printable free download, just go here to find it.  All of my downloads are created from my original photographs.  You are getting original, professionally edited art work and it's FREE!   Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!  

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The Gift

  Delivered this week, a gift I never expected arrived in the mail.  This story begins, it seems a lifetime ago, when I worked at Owens Comm...