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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photos of Kai and Aidan

On Saturday I was able to spend some time with our neighbor Atsuko and her twin boys, Kai and Aidan.  We moved into our houses just a few months apart of each other and have over the years come to know them as good friends.  Beki, at first spent a lot of time with her and the boys who were 3 at the time they moved in next door.  She developed a special connection with Kai who is autistic.  The boys share a birthday with John, November 16.  Since then John and I have gotten to know Mike and Atsuko.  We love to get the fire pit out and roast marshmallows in the evenings.  I really wanted to try to capture some pictures of the boys that they would cherish.  So we walked around out behind our houses and even though we only had a short time because Kai was getting a little anxious and then it started to rain, I was able to get a few pictures we all liked.  Kai is starting to get used to having me around and the day he ran up to me and said Miss Aimee and gave me great big bear hug was very special because he doesn't usually respond to people in that way.  He and Aidan have found special places in our hearts.  We love you guys.

Beki and the boys
Atsuko and Aidan


Aidan and Kai



Monday, April 26, 2010


Spent some time today trying to catch a few good shots of the cats. 

Beki took this one of bird. 
Had fun trying to catch this goldfinch in the background.  Beki actually caught a pretty good picture of the bird even through the window.

No, Sadie, you cannot get the bird!

Sapphie is definitely queen of our house. 

I really liked this one of Sapphie.

Can you see it in her face..."you are annoying me."

...and here's Zoey.  She's not ours, but she has sort of adopted all the families in our neighborhood as hers.  She's a sweetheart.  Sometimes we find her sitting on our front window sills looking in like she's longing to be a part.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Show Girl

So, I'm picking up Beki and Molly at school yesterday and complaining to them about the locks not working on the car because I'm pushing the wrong buttons (argh!) and I look up at Beki who's grinning from ear to ear with a look I'll never forget.  I started to say "What?" and I realized she did it...she made Show Choir!  She has dreamed of this for 3 years and after a tough audition against 120 other kids, she pulled it off.  I am so excited for her...I get to see my dancer on stage again, singing and dancing, doing what she loves.  I think all teenagers need to have something that "belongs" to them, their niche, their place.  And I think Beki has found her place and I am thrilled for her.  I pray it will be a wonderful year for her of growth and learning. 
Remember this one?
May 2005

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another TDY

Well, it seems just because you get out of the military doesn't mean your husband won't be going anywhere again.  With government jobs, you get to still go overseas.  The volcano only delayed John's trip.  He left Thursday morning and arrived in England safely 18 hours later.  It's only for a week.  I think it'll be good for him to get to see England again.  He loved his time over there...hopefully, someday, I'll get to see it with him. 

After many years of talking about doing a trip together, kidless, we finally booked a trip to Sedona, Arizona.  We've been there once with the girls, but it was so beautiful, we were sure we'd want to go back when we had more time.  The girls are finally old enough to leave home alone...that is the weirdest feeling.  We have moved into a new phase in life.  I have to say it will seem strange to not have them with us.  The only other trip we've taken without them was to Crete, many, many years ago.  This is going to be a great trip and I, and John, too, are really looking forward to it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Day of Blessing

A family very excited for the gift of a new son and brother.
Our dear friends, who have been praying and waiting for their little one from Ethiopia, found out today after 2 long nights of anxious waiting, that they are proud parents of an 18 month old boy.  The courts in Ethiopia approved their adoption yesterday and the news reached them this morning.  This little boy was placed on our friend's heart 1 year ago, when she saw a picture of him posted.  Not thinking there could be any chance of this child being matched to them, she was shocked when a few days later their referral came through last June and it was the same little boy she'd seen in the picture.  Knowing it was meant to be, they have tearfully and patiently waited for paperwork to be completed so that his case could go to the courts. 

It has been a long year, but we all know that it is God's timing and sometimes we must wait for what is best for us.  But, soon little E will be joined together with mom and dad and big brother.  It will take about 6-8 weeks for the US Embassy to finish their part, then they can go get him and finally bring him home. 

They were able to join me today with another friend and her children at the Botanical Gardens where we celebrated with her and her son.  After the gardens, we had to go in honor of little E to an Ethiopian restaurant downtown.  What a truly amazing day.  I enjoyed the company of Alice and her girls again today as we spent time playing with and photographing her beautiful daughters.  I really cannot look at their pictures without smiling and being blessed by their precious smiles. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busy Spring

Click on Pics to Enlarge
It seems a certain volcano with an unpronunciable name has delayed John a trip to England. He was supposed to leave last week, but his flight was canceled. Those who know him well, know that he loves England and has been there many times over the years. This time, though, was different and he was actually relieved to not be going, but then they rescheduled his flight for tomorrow...and it's yet to be canceled. Seems he'll be going regardless, just for a shorter amount of time. It's nice, I have to admit, to hear him say he'd rather stay home. Even, if Beki is disappointed in not getting as much mom/daughter time as we had planned. Have fun this week, John, I will miss you. When he gets back next week, he will be home for 6 days then head off again to DC for 3 weeks.

I took some time yesterday to play with my new camera. We live near a pretty piece of property so I went for a walk and took some pics of the lake. This is, no kidding, right behind my house and we are blessed to have a generous neighbor who allows us to come walk around whenever we want.

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