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Friday, April 23, 2010

Another TDY

Well, it seems just because you get out of the military doesn't mean your husband won't be going anywhere again.  With government jobs, you get to still go overseas.  The volcano only delayed John's trip.  He left Thursday morning and arrived in England safely 18 hours later.  It's only for a week.  I think it'll be good for him to get to see England again.  He loved his time over there...hopefully, someday, I'll get to see it with him. 

After many years of talking about doing a trip together, kidless, we finally booked a trip to Sedona, Arizona.  We've been there once with the girls, but it was so beautiful, we were sure we'd want to go back when we had more time.  The girls are finally old enough to leave home alone...that is the weirdest feeling.  We have moved into a new phase in life.  I have to say it will seem strange to not have them with us.  The only other trip we've taken without them was to Crete, many, many years ago.  This is going to be a great trip and I, and John, too, are really looking forward to it.

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