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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photos of Kai and Aidan

On Saturday I was able to spend some time with our neighbor Atsuko and her twin boys, Kai and Aidan.  We moved into our houses just a few months apart of each other and have over the years come to know them as good friends.  Beki, at first spent a lot of time with her and the boys who were 3 at the time they moved in next door.  She developed a special connection with Kai who is autistic.  The boys share a birthday with John, November 16.  Since then John and I have gotten to know Mike and Atsuko.  We love to get the fire pit out and roast marshmallows in the evenings.  I really wanted to try to capture some pictures of the boys that they would cherish.  So we walked around out behind our houses and even though we only had a short time because Kai was getting a little anxious and then it started to rain, I was able to get a few pictures we all liked.  Kai is starting to get used to having me around and the day he ran up to me and said Miss Aimee and gave me great big bear hug was very special because he doesn't usually respond to people in that way.  He and Aidan have found special places in our hearts.  We love you guys.

Beki and the boys
Atsuko and Aidan


Aidan and Kai



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