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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Show Girl

So, I'm picking up Beki and Molly at school yesterday and complaining to them about the locks not working on the car because I'm pushing the wrong buttons (argh!) and I look up at Beki who's grinning from ear to ear with a look I'll never forget.  I started to say "What?" and I realized she did it...she made Show Choir!  She has dreamed of this for 3 years and after a tough audition against 120 other kids, she pulled it off.  I am so excited for her...I get to see my dancer on stage again, singing and dancing, doing what she loves.  I think all teenagers need to have something that "belongs" to them, their niche, their place.  And I think Beki has found her place and I am thrilled for her.  I pray it will be a wonderful year for her of growth and learning. 
Remember this one?
May 2005

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