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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busy Spring

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It seems a certain volcano with an unpronunciable name has delayed John a trip to England. He was supposed to leave last week, but his flight was canceled. Those who know him well, know that he loves England and has been there many times over the years. This time, though, was different and he was actually relieved to not be going, but then they rescheduled his flight for tomorrow...and it's yet to be canceled. Seems he'll be going regardless, just for a shorter amount of time. It's nice, I have to admit, to hear him say he'd rather stay home. Even, if Beki is disappointed in not getting as much mom/daughter time as we had planned. Have fun this week, John, I will miss you. When he gets back next week, he will be home for 6 days then head off again to DC for 3 weeks.

I took some time yesterday to play with my new camera. We live near a pretty piece of property so I went for a walk and took some pics of the lake. This is, no kidding, right behind my house and we are blessed to have a generous neighbor who allows us to come walk around whenever we want.

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  1. Not sure why some of the pics aren't linking to enlarge. I'v switched to the newer editor, so hopefully won't be a problem in the futures.


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