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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Visit to Amsterdam

I have to say I developed a love/hate relationship with Amsterdam. We took an overnight ferry across the channel which was a first for me. I was worried about getting seasick, but did fine going.  Coming back the waters were a bit choppy and I kept waking up feeling a little woozy.  We woke up in the morning on the banks of Amsterdam, took two trains into the city from there. It was cold and rainy all but the last day, which seems to be our luck lately. 

I loved the canals and all the pretty buildings, but have to say that I hated the smell of marijuana floating throughout the streets. I also didn't like looking up at the occasional X-rated shops scattered throughout the city. During the day the "Red Light" district wasn't as bad as I had envisioned. The area it was located was actually very pretty. I loved our tour of the Anne Frank House museum.  Several times, my heart wrenched.  Visiting places like this sure brings history to life. 

And if I thought the bikers were an issue in Cambridge, it was madness in Amsterdam. Pedestrians it seems do not have the right away. 

The Royal Palace

Anne Frank's House

St. Nicholas Church

Central Station

Views from atop the Doubletree Hotel

Rijksmuseum and the I amsterdam sign

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