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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Roman Holiday

Our daughter visited during the New Year holiday, so we kicked the new year off with a trip to Rome.  What an amazing time we had during our four day trip.  Today I'm going to feature Day One of the trip as Rome is so chocked full of history and photographic opportunities that it'd be impossible to display in one post.  Hope you enjoy and come back to see the rest of our adventure.

I believe here we were looking across the Roman Forum, which is a rectangular plaza that was the city center of Rome.  I'll have more photos of the ruins on another post.

View from our flat of Saint Peters Basilica in the Vatican City


 Castle Saint Angelo

Court of Justice

Yep...that's him...smack dab in the middle! 

Temple of Hercules Victor...very, very old! Dating back to 2nd century BC

Location of the Mouth of Truth...Don't be caught lying!

The Altare della Patria is a monument built in honor of Victor Emmanuel who was  the first king of unified Italy.

The Colosseum is seen on the left side of the photo.

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