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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas in Brugge

I didn't seem to keep this in order, however, our first stop on our Christmas market tour this year was Brugge, Belgium.  We had to bypass Brussels as the turmoil at the time caused us to rearrange our schedule a bit.  We took the EuroStar train to Brussels and then transferred to another train to Brugge.  Brugge is an incredible city...loved, loved, loved it!  We stayed in a quaint little hotel, Adornes Hotel, very tiny to our standards with a 10 minute walk into the Market Square.  Our second night there, we were the only ones staying at the hotel.  The staff treated us great and still provided a full spread breakfast the next morning.  Our weather was not the best with cold rain and lots of wind making using umbrellas a little tricky. 

We went on a walking tour of the city, which I promise I did listen, but was also caught up in taking photos, so I can't really tell you what the stories were.  Next time, I'll try to be a better listener!  I did catch that the city continues to build using the Gothic architecture style of the past keeping this city beautiful and true to its original look. 

Click on any photo to view larger in slide show

 Belfry of Bruges

Our Hotel

View from our hotel

Ministry of Public Works building and Historium

Market Square (Grote Markt)


Burg Square

Bruges City Hall


  1. Did people use the canals to get around?

    1. I didn't see anyone using them, but maybe they do in the summer. It was really cold and windy while we were there.


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