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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


When I was a little girl, I once wrote out the word Xmas as an abbreviation for Christmas.  I remember clearly and never forgot when my mom told me it's not Xmas, it's Christmas and it's wrong to use the abbreviation.  I've always been careful to spell it out.  It's important to keep Christ in Christmas!

This year as I watched the transformation...
The trees are trimmed with silver and gold. 

Beautiful twinkling lights brighten our neighbors homes. 
Santa arrives in all the stores, even our favorite pets are getting their pictures with Santa. 
The "Christmas" radio station plays its holiday songs that tell of sleigh rides, mistletoe kisses, and even hippopotamuses...

The garland is strung, the cookies are made, the gifts are wrapped, yet...I realized something is missing. 

It is happening all around us.  The world is celebrating Xmas instead of Christmas.  They've X-ed Christ out of the holiday.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE everything about Christmas, but we've got to remind the world that it is Christmas we are celebrating.  We need Christ back in Christmas.   Store clerks are only allowed to say "Happy Holidays."  Our beloved Christmas trees are being sold as holiday trees.  When did the word "Christmas" become unacceptable.  Do we not realize that there would be no Christmas holiday were it not for God come down to earth as a baby.  So, this year what will you celebrate...Xmas or Christmas?

265.  Twinkling lights
266.  Christmas decor
267.  A nativity handed down
268.  Snowflakes
269.  Ice crystals

270.  Peppermint mochas 
271.  Pretty packages
272.  Christmas music
273.  Memories on branches

274.  Christmas cards that remind us of friends around the world
275.  Bluebirds in the holly
276.  Silly pictures
277.  Kitties snuggled under Christmas trees
278.  Marshmallows
279.  Sacrifice
280.  Grace
281.  A Savior's Birth

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  1. touched my ♥ and brought tears to my eyes! so glad I instilled that in my kids!!! and that you remember every year just what CHRIST mas is about! love you MOM


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