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Friday, December 6, 2013


We anticipated our week with Beth and Steve and their kids.  Looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with them, we started preparing for the holidays and making plans.  I got most of the Christmas decorations up before they arrived and finished trimming the tree while they watched a Christmas movie.  Steve was gracious enough to help John with some projects around the house, so now I have some heat in the basement and deck stairs that aren't going to fall apart from rot.  I was excited that Beki was coming home.  She was able to get her shifts covered at work and since the sorority house was closing for the weekend, she was coming home.

This year was the first annual Garden Glow show at the Missouri Botanical Garden and we were looking forward to taking them to see.  A little cold, but it was fun! 

We had an awesome Thanksgiving meal and everyone pitched in to help. 

We spent the evening watching movies and eating pumpkin pie.  On Friday, we visited St. Charles, MO for their Christmas Traditions.  We shopped, talked with some of the Christmas characters, and ate dinner at the Trailhead Brewing Co. 


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