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Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Arrives

Here it is finally...the sun close enough to warm the earth, to make the days longer.  We are in our Spring and it's wonderful.  The trees are opening and the flowers are popping their little heads through the ground, reaching for the warmth. 

Every day I, too, reach for the warmth, grow a little stronger as He fills me with peace and joy.  I know it is a gift, each day.  I'm learning to appreciate the little things.  My eyes are opening to all the mercies as I count each gift.  I wonder what this season will bring...

new beginnings,
new possibilites,
new dreams. 

140.  Two lives entwined in marriage
141.  Redemption
142.  Resurrection
3 Gifts of God's Promises
143.  His saving grace
144.  To be with us always
145.  That Christ would rise in order to redeem us all
146.  Gift heard-Easter message
147.  Gift held-my husband's hand
148.  Gift hoped for-Easter with the sun shining
149.  Custard-filled donuts
3 Gifts White
150.  Frosty boy
151.  Puffy white clouds
152.  Pages in a book
153.  Smell of flowers in the air
154.  An incredibly large hawk that landed in the trees behind our house
155.  A new branding style that may work for all my business endeavors
156.  Daffodils

157.  New businss
158.  Time to relax
3 Gifts Waited For
159.  A new Desktop computer
160.  Springtime
161.  Warm weather
162.  My husband walking through the door every evening
163.  Phone calls from my girls
3 Gifts Blooming
164.  Our new lilac bush
165.  Tulips are just beginning to bloom
166. Crabapple trees

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