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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Going-Ons

March has kept me pretty busy.  Beki came home for Spring break and spent a week home.  We did all the fun girl stuff...chick flick, lunch, shopping.  The school year is quickly coming to an end and it won't be long before she's home for the summer.  It happened to be my birthday week, so I was really glad to have her home to share it with me.  We went to dinner on The Hill, Charlie Gitto's.  The food is incredible and I ordered one of my favorites, the lobster bisque.  Everyone really blessed me this year.  Mom sent me a bird feeder full of Easter candy!  I got a fun set of paper weights from my sister.  John bought me two new photography editing software programs.  Knowing my weakness for chocolate covered cherries, my sister-in-law sent a sweet little package. 

But I have to say, the thing that meant the most was the simple card from my daughter that said no matter what, she'll always need her mom.  Our children grow up, move out on their own, and sometimes, we are left not really knowing our place.  Not sure where we fit into their new, busy lives.  We go days sometimes weeks without hearing from them and we wonder if they even remember.  Do they realize how much they are missed?  How hard it is to fill that void where they once stood?  So, it really does mean the world, when they take the time to let us know we are still needed.  It's been a hard year of adjustments for me, but it's finally starting to get a little easier.  The quiet days are growing on me and I expect there's a reason for this reprieve, this time to just be still.  I have a feeling my life is going to change dramatically over the next couple of years. 

Been doing a little more decorating, finished up our family room and this week, I painted Beki's bedroom.  The house is slowly getting to where we want it.  Eventually, I'll get our bedroom painted and probably the main area of the house and then the basement.  There's plenty still for me to do.

We got a couple of nice days among all these cold March days, John and I took a little walk through the sculpture park, played with the cameras to see what we could come up with.  I tried a few in black and white.

And spent one afternoon at Forest Park.  It just felt really good to be out in the sunshine.

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  1. Yep Aimee I know how you feel! Love getting cards from my kids letting me know they love me and miss me, and still need their Mom even if they are all grown up!!♥ you MOM


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