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Monday, March 18, 2013

Redecorating Made Fun

Had a little fun this past week redecorating our family room.  We had our new couch delivered and I got busy trying to find curtains, which haven't been up since we moved in.  Wanting something different, bold and fun, I finally found some drapes at World Market that I thought would work.  I had a hard time deciding and still wasn't sure when I hung them.  They are so different than anything I've ever had in our home.  But, the more I look at them, the more I like them.  They add a lot of color and life to a room we spend a lot of time in.  We found some coordinating throw pillows at TJ Maxx which helped pull it all together.  Found my sister, Allie's wedding flowers in Beki's room and thought they'd work nice...great Spring color!  Our new home is finally coming together.  Almost done with all the decorating.





  1. I love it! the colors are soooo you! You know you pick these colors up in sooo many of your photos but never use them in your home. Glad to see the change up and love love love Allie's bouquet in the mix! It was a beautiful wedding.

  2. OK, strike that earlier request! I just didn't read deep enough yet :) Beautiful!


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