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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Today was a day of suffering, of betrayal, of sacrifice, of sadness and of death.  It was a day that broke the heart of God. It was a day that had to happen so that we all could be WITH God.  It was a day that no greater LOVE could have been shone...

...a day that One laid down His life for ALL.

John and I watched 'The Passion of the Christ' last night. 

It's a hard one and I never want to watch it because it so realistically portrays the suffering endured on our behalf.  It's easy sometimes to go through our walk only thinking about the good stuff...not the hard stuff.  Sometimes we need to come down from our mountain and remember the sacrifice that was made for all of mankind so that we could be reconciled to the Creator of our world, our universe. 

Because of what He endured over 2000 years ago, we can have peace and joy...we do not have to live in fear or shame.  We have a secure future, not one of mystery or unknown. 


And we will be WITH Him!

This is a day to Remember.

106.  The scent of Spring in the wind.
107.  Cleansing in water.
3 gifts round
108.  Our world.
109.  Our sun.
110.  Love those M&M's 
3 gifts found in silence
111.  Reflection.
112.  Prayer.
113.  Rest.
114.  A great birthday.
115.  Incredible Italian dinner.
116.  A glass blue bird. 
117.  Chocolate covered cherries.
118.  Chocolate cake.
119.  Easter candy.
120.  Gift canvas of the mountains we love.
121.  Gift favorite throw.
3 gifts red
122.  Red raspberries.
123.  New curtains
124.  Male and female cardinals at the feeder.
3 gifts that made me laugh
125.  Video of E.
126.  John's goofiness.
127.  A shared inside joke.
3 gifts found in women
128.  My mom-for she taught me to be a Godly woman.
129.  My mother-in-law-for her calming spirit that helps soothe the hard times.
130.  My daughters-for the friends we will be.
131.  Gift sung...a really great playlist from a friend.
132.  Gift painted...painted Spring eggs.
133.  Gift written...friend's blogs that help us stay in touch.
3 gifts almost gone
134.  Winter snow.
135.  Wedding and moving debt almost paid off.
136.  Birthday candy.
3 gifts spoken
137.  Thank you.
138.  I miss you.
139.  Birthday wishes.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him will never die but have eternal life. John 3:16

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  1. Add another: I miss you to that list. This is a beautiful post Aimee. Love ya!


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