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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sedona-Part 1

If there can be anything near a little piece of heaven here on earth, Sedona, AZ is one of those jewels.  It has been voted the #1 most beautiful place to live.  John and I took a 3 hour flight plus 1 1/2 hour drive for a 5 day stay in Sedona.  It was our little get-away with no kids and much deserved and well overdue.  We had an incredible time.  Drove down on Thursday, got there in time for dinner at the Oak Creek Brewery.  We stayed in the Hilton Resort which is on the outskirts of Sedona about 15 minutes from the Uptown area. 
Sedona Hilton Resort and Spa

View from our hotel-Amazing!
We got up early Friday morning and had breakfast on the our deck overlooking the mountains.  We then headed to town for our 2 1/2 hour Pink Jeep Tour up to the rim.  We were the only ones on the tour that morning, had a great guide willing to stop anywhere I wanted to take pictures.  The ride was rougher than I had thought, seeing how John left off the fact we'd be going off-road!  We literally would have flown out the back end of the jeep had it not been for seatbelts.  Half way through the ride, the jeep broke a strut and they had to send a rescue jeep to get us, but we got an extra 40 minutes to walk around and explore the mountain top.  The no-see-um bugs were bad and we came back looking like we had the chicken pox.  They liked John's legs and my neck and face.  Ugh!  The red spots faded over the next 36 hours or so.

View from the tour
Agave tree...these plants grow and bloom one time then die turning from crimson red to yellow.

I have lots of beautiful pictures to sure to check back later for more updates.

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