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Friday, May 14, 2010


This is what it looks like when you are trying to decide what to take to Ethiopia when picking up your child. 
...and this is mom on the happy day they receive their Embassy Date, which means they can go pick up their son.  There is a bit of a snag, however, and I need all my praying friends help.  All military members have been banned during their elections to travel to Ethiopia.  Which means if D can't go, M will have to travel by herself to pick him up.  We are praying that D can get a waiver in order to go.  They cannot wait until July to go because they are moving to Hawaii at that time.  Little E needs to be home before that. 
Here is my futile attempt to catch the hummingbirds in motion.  They are fast little critters.  Discovered...they don't like flash and are way too fast without it.  So I will be patient and wait for a sunny day and try again. 


  1. Thanks Aimee. What am I going to do without you in a few months! :o(

  2. With J's soccer events I shoot in manual with the action setting....wonder if that would help???

    Although, I don't know Aimee, I think it's pretty amazing what you did catch!

  3. I'll try your tip, Michelle.

    ....and, what are you going to do, WHAT am I going to do? You have kept me sane these past few months. Don't know what I'll do without you either. :.(


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