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Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend with Mom and Dad

My parents came out for a long weekend and even though it rained a lot and mom wasn't completely feeling up to her normal self, we managed to pack the weekend with lots of day trips.  Friday we headed to St. Charles, which is a great Historical District in Missouri with lots of unique shops and dining.

Ari got in Friday night from school.  She is home for the summer.  We've got her unpacked, organized and settled back in.  I am completely amazed that her first year is over already.  I'm glad to have her summer she's thinking about renting an apartment and staying for the summer.  She really loves it there and has many friends.  It was still raining Saturday, so we waited until late afternoon and then went to the Gardens to see the Chinese Festival, however, because of the weather, a lot was canceled.  We were disappointed, we didn't see the parade, however, they threw in tickets for the DinoQuest exhibit in the Climatron.  The rose garden was in bloom and Beki and I worked at getting some great shots of the roses with the rain still lingering on the petals.

Sunday ended with a trip to Gus's Pretzel Shop and a trip to Lafayette Park to visit the swans.  I was hoping there would be babies.  There is a nest...hopefully soon the babies will be out.  They were gorgeous and they allowed us to get pretty close to them, though Beki had to push the limit just a little and the big guy shooed her back some.  But we were still able to get within a few feet.

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