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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Letter 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

We're approaching Thanksgiving and I find it hard to believe another year is ticking away.  John and I have had an amazing year.  We've traveled to some awesome places including Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Italy, France, and Belgium.  The UK is treating us well, with great friends and all the travel opportunities.  We have less than a year remaining on our three year tour, however, we are waiting to hear if John will be approved an additional year.  He is very happy in his job and the work he is doing here.  He works with a great group of people and has had the opportunity to meet some pretty important people including the Prime Minister and Queen Elizabeth's husband, The Duke of Edinburgh.

Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Barcelona, Spain

Porto Portugal

Krakow Castle, Poland

Crete, Greece

Notre Dame, Paris

Venice, Italy

Dolomites, Sesto-Sexten, Italy

We also, as many of you know, celebrated with family and friends at, our daughter, Beki's wedding.  Her and Corey both graduated this year and have settled into new full-time jobs.

I continue to fill time photographing and editing lots and lots of pictures from the many trips.  Many of my photos are listed on www.Etsy/AimeesShoppe, stop by for a peek!  In my spare time, I continue drawing and crocheting.  And after over two years, I finally got a full size electric piano so I can once again get my fingers playing.  I sure do miss the "baby."

We are very excited to be spending our first Christmas back in the states in three years!  So we look forward to seeing our Ohio family soon!

We thank God for all our wonderful friends here in the UK.  He has placed some amazing people in our life.  And we count our blessings for all the opportunities we've had so far.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

RAF Summer Ball

Brugge, Belgium

John and Aimee

Monday, November 27, 2017

Crocheted Kitties

I've finished a special pair to be given to a very special pair!  I was so excited when my Alize Cotton Gold yarn arrived from Turkey.  I could hardly wait to start these guys.  I made them for Christmas presents for my niece and nephew who are 3 and 5 and they were so much fun to make.  The pattern is by Amigurumi Today.  I did make a few minor adjustments to the pattern.  The paws I made to look more like paws and the faces are a little different, easy adjustments if you choose to do it.  Continue to scroll for the directions on making the paws.  I also ordered the eyes and nose parts from a shop on Etsy.  You can find them here.  I used a 3mm crochet hook with ease, you might be able to squeeze down another step.  However, the pattern called for a 1.7mm hook...I couldn't do it!  I'd say experiment a little.  You want your amigurumi stitches tight enough so that the stuffing doesn't show through. 

The yarn was easy to work with and the company, Perfect Yarns, was very quick to get my ordered processed. They are based in Turkey as I couldn't find anyone in the states who sold this brand and it was very expensive on Amazon.

They turned out darling!  I can't wait to see the little people's faces when they open them.

The adorable wood buttons are another Etsy find...JS Laser Craft based in the UK. And I was super thrilled when I got them as now I can personalize my work.  

Here's a quick update for making the paws
Rows 1 to 3 same as original.
Row 4:  (sc, sc, inc) x 2, 6 inc, (sc,sc inc) x 2.   (28)
Row 5:  10sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 10sc.  (30)
Row 6-9: 30sc each row.
Row 10:  10sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 10sc.  (28)
Row 11: 8sc, 6 dec, 8sc. (22)
Row 12:  5sc, 6dec, 5sc.  (16)
Row 13-36: 16sc

Row 1 to 2 same as original.
Row 3:  3sc, 6inc, 3sc. (18)
Row 4:  6sc, inc, sc, inc, sc, inc, sc, 6sc. (21)
Row 5-7: 21sc each row.  (21)
Row 8: 6sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, 6sc.  (18)
Row 9:  3sc, 6dec, 3sc. (12)
Row 10-42: 12sc.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My First Whirl

I'd been watching all the beautiful Scheepjes Whirl projects flying through my Facebook feed and couldn't wait to get my hands on some as everyone seemed to love this yarn.  It's a fingering yarn made by Scheepjes made in The Netherlands and runs about $26 a skein.  It's 1000 meters so can produce a lot of projects with a single skein.  I personally love the feel and the very pretty drape it creates.  As you can see, the colorway is very gradual with and the color changes blend right into the work with no knots and no tails to weave!

I had the hardest time deciding what to make with my first skein of Blueberry BamBam.  After lots of Pinterest and Facebook hunting, I settled on the Bruinen pattern by Jasmin Räsänen on Ravelry.  You can find this free pattern here.  The only change I made was I used an F/3.75 hook as I tend to crochet loosely.  I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

I am in the process of completing my second Whirl project...check back soon to see it!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Baby Bear Crochet Set

I did quite a bit of crocheting this summer.  This was the second baby gift made over the summer.  The blanket was from a Bernat Pattern and made with Pipsqueak yarn.  I love this blanket as it is incredibly soft and squishy.  You can find the pattern here.  I used 8 skein and it turned out about 40x40 inch.  I added a single crochet border to make the edge sturdier.

The little bear was a paid pattern I bought from Lucy Neal's shop at  And the hat was a creation of my own using Rico Baby Cotton Soft yarn. 

Isn't he just the cutest!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Amigurumi Cat

Did I ever tell you I LOVE Cats!  I've owned a cat or 2 or 3 for over 30 years and so I'm always drawn to cute cat stuff.  This fun amigurumi cat pattern by Amigurumi Today was lots of fun to put together and I have plans for making more using a variegated yarn.  This pattern can be found here and guess's FREE!  You can make all kinds of variations of this cat.  Mine is wearing PJ's!

I used a 50/50 cotton/acrylic blend of yarn called Rico baby cotton soft (DK) with an 0/3.25mm hook.  I also changed the paw pads a bit to look more like a cat's paw, but you can leave them as is and still have an adorable cat.  My little guy came out a bit bigger and fatter I think than the author's because of the DK yarn I used.  I'm not familiar with the yarn used in the original pattern, but I'd love to get my hands on some!

14 inches long standing, 9.5 inches sitting

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Freebie

Worked up another freebie for you all this week.  The background photo is of a very special place, the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.  As I'm currently living in the UK, this photo has special meaning as I miss this part of being home very much.  We are in a rainy season right now so it has been a bit blah recently.  As I type, the rain is tapping away at the windows.  Dog gone it....if it's going to rain, couldn't I get a nice thunderstorm to go along.  Unfortunately, those are rare here and they are another thing I miss about the US Midwest.

So you can get your freebie here!  Along with a few others that are still available.  Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to follow to receive updates for future freebies!  This picture can be printed up to 24x36 inch.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Elephant Crochet Afghan

This adorable elephant afghan just shipped out to our newest family member a few days ago.  This was my first time making this style blanket and not sure I'd do it again.  It was a lot like counted cross-stitch trying to keep track of all the stitches in each row.  The pattern I used was from, Three Elephants.  As you can see, I did some color changes to match our little guys room which they were doing in elephants.  It's an easy pattern to follow.  Just be sure to print it out and mark your rows completed when done as it made it easier to keep track of where I was.

I used a G hook with Drops Muskat 100% cotton DK yarn from Wool Warehouse for the body.  Even going down to a G hook size for the border, I still got a little bit of buckling.

Here are the amounts of yarn I used.

1 - 50 gr. - black -17
1 - 50 gr - vanilla ice - 30
2 - 100 gr. - ice blue - 60
3 - 150 gr. - sky blue - 76
11 - 550 gr. - lt grey - 19


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