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Friday, October 2, 2015

Bury St. Edmunds Abbey Ruins

I wasn't sure what to expect when John said we were going to see the Bury St. Edmunds Abbey ruins in.  The St. Edmundsbury Cathedral grounds and gardens are beautiful and the ruins were way bigger than I had imagined.    One of the wealthiest and largest Benedictine Monasteries in England, much of the remains are now just rubble.  In 902 AD the grounds become a Royal Burial Site for King Edmund and in 1020 the Benedictine Abbey is founded.  In 1327 due to riots in the town, parts of the abbey are destroyed by fire and the west tower collapses.  Between 1540 and 1720 much of the abbey is stripped of valuable building material and what remains is what you see today.  Surviving are two medieval gatehouses and two medieval churches.  Houses have been built into the sides of some of the rubble.

We walked around the town and had a coffee at a little coffee shop overlooking the town square and the Great Gate.

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