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Monday, September 14, 2015

House in the City

We are finally completely moved into the new house.  A lot of people have been asking to see what it looks like.  So I used the Samsung which does great panoramics to try to give you a feel of the house.  You can see it's very modern with some tight spaces and other rather roomy spaces.  On ground level we have an entry way with a toilet and lots of closet storage space.  The entry way leads into the kitchen.

The refrigerator and the dishwasher are hidden in the cabinets.  The refrigerator is very small and we are finding we need to make more frequent shopping trips.  There are a row of floor to ceiling cabinets all along the left wall.  Has been very useful for extra storage!

The dining area has wall to wall windows overlooking the garden and a caravan park (rv park), but we can't really see it for all the trees.

The master bedroom, lounge, and study are on the 1st floor with a terrace overlooking the same view as downstairs.  We did a great job deciding what to bring with us as everything seemed to fit perfectly into this house.  After moving in, we bought a sofa and a coffee table.

The lounge

The bathroom has taken some getting used to.  There is not a whole lot of extra space.  As you can see, there's one little counter.  We have very hard water and keeping these glass doors spotless is impossible.

 Master bedroom

The second floor houses the two guest bedrooms, a bathroom, and another terrace.  We picked up some terrace furniture for this level and have been sitting out and enjoying the weather.  Like the rest of England, there are no screens in any of the doors or windows which means we can only crack them otherwise Ebony and Sapphie would escape.  It also makes great entryways for the local spiders!  Ugh!  Hoping to get some spray to take care of that issue.  However, I've not had any problem with flies or bees.

I can't say that my taste in decor actually fits in this house, but we are making it work.  I love it because the house is new and clean.  We are the first ones to live in it.  I'm within walking distance of the grocery, garden center, and the bus station for everything else. 


  1. It's beautiful! And a lot larger then what I ever envisioned you all being able to find over there!!! Love the outdoor spaces too!

    1.'s bigger in some ways like the kitchen and lounge, but the bedrooms and baths are very small! Well, compared to what we're used to.

  2. As usual Aimee, it is VERY tastefully decorated. You have done a lot with the space you have. I LOVE, love, love the terraces! What a fun space! The kitchen is really big considering the small spaces in some of the other areas. I would love that! And you have to more frequent trips to the store...well, that means fresh food all the time! Sounds like that is kind of they way they live over there anyway isn't it? Even though the bathroom spaces are small they seem efficient, and they are very clean and tidy looking. I love that! And you have room for both girls at one time!! How could you not love it there?! And I love that you keep us updated on all your little adventures and restaurant outings. You do such a good job of keeping us 'in the know'. LOVE to you both on this wonderful adventurous season in your life! Soak it up!!

    1. Thanks, Shari! I'm beginning to love it and finding I can live in and with a lot less than what we'd grown used to. We are excited for visitors and hope people will take advantage of this opportunity as well. Can't wait to see my kiddos in December!


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