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Monday, September 14, 2015

City of Bath

We've been in England 3 months and it was time to go on a little adventure, a 2-night stay in Bristol over the holiday weekend.  Our first day, we spent in Bath, England, where the only known Roman spas in England are located dating back to 60 AD.  This was an incredible city and our drive up to Alexandra Park rewarded us with beautiful city views.  I can't wait to go back to Bath and actually enjoy soaking in the spas.  You aren't allowed in the old spas as the water isn't treated.  However, they have made modern spring spas that you can use.  Today's photos are going to concentrate on other parts of the city.  I'll post the spa photos next time.  Since I couldn't possibly share all the photos of the city on this blog, go here to see more of Bath.

When we drove in, which by the way I did the driving, it was so cloudy and threatening to rain.  I thought for sure the whole day would be a bust.  But, by late afternoon, we started seeing some sun and the evening pictures turned out so much better.  We were trying to find Alexandra Park, the first attempt, while I was driving.  I thought the drive in was bad, try navigating through this city with your husband yelling at you at every turn.  Found myself driving up very narrow one lane roads that if the mirrors had been out, they'd have been knocked off for sure.  I'm getting better, but my anxiety level sky-rockets whenever I have to drive somewhere new.  I refused to drive any more that day after that adventure!

To view the full album of Bath visit,

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