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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Adjusting to our New Surroundings

Things are going well.  We've had lots to do the past 2 weeks.  We bought our car which was huge. Driving has been an adventure.  But I've done a few solo drives including getting out of Cambridge and onto the Motorway.  Honestly, it was frightening.  I'm not at all comfortable with these multi-lane round abouts.   I'm sure with experience, it'll get better.  Just put a deposit down on a property, hoping to get in by July 1.  Though that probably won't happen.  We found out that our household goods won't be here until end of July.  We were hoping for much sooner, however, we got a call last week that the shipment hadn't even left the port yet.

We've spent our free time exploring some of the towns and eating at great restaurants.  So far, most of the places we've been have had great food.  Last night we went to the Old Bridge Hotel in Huntingdon for dinner.  It's a very pretty location.  I got a few pictures in just before another rain storm hit.

There's a point when you are on vacation that you are just ready to go home.  I've hit that point, missing my normal surroundings and belongings and friends.  Having the kitties here with me is helping because I at least have them as something familiar.  I'm enjoying all the sights, it's beautiful here.  I've got a few pictures of some of our walks.





  1. Big hugs! Moving is so ya!

  2. Thx for updating
    Yes ️hugs and prayers your way


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