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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It had been a good day already with visiting the bird sanctuary, photographing butterflies, and lunch with a good friend.  While watching the nightly news, the doorbell unexpectedly rings.  You know, one of those, "you answer the door, Hon, it's dark out" moments.  So, John gets up thinking it a bit strange to have a knock on the door that late.  And all I hear from the couch is, "What are you doing here?"  She did a good job, I never had a clue.  There they were, Beki and Corey with two little kittens in hand!  I was totally surprised, but so excited to see them.  I about busted out in tears.  They were only here for two days and one of them they spent visiting her old friends.  On that day, I couldn't resist a few photos of these cutest kittens.  Luna is the gray and white one and Marley is beige.  I tell ya, it's like chasing two year olds around trying to photograph them!

They played, they chased,

...they explored,

...they hid

...they fought

...and finally they slept!

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