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Thursday, November 14, 2013


When I saw Ebony at the veterinary clinic a couple months ago, I fell instantly in love with her.  We went on vacation and when we came back she was still there.

I asked if she was being adopted out and she was.  She had been at the clinic since she was 3 weeks old...had I known.  A momma cat with her own kitten at the clinic took her in as one of her own.  She came to live with us at 6 months old, old enough to be a good girl, but young enough to still be full of kitten life.  I forgot how much fun it is to have a kitten in the house.  She has brought joy and laughter into our home and it has felt so good to laugh!  She is full of energy when she is awake.  Her favorite activity is laser chasing.  However, when she's sleepy, we call her our wet noodle!  Unusual for a cat, she becomes completely unaware of her surroundings.

She loves to be near me, but rarely likes to be held against her will, unless she is sleeping then you can hold her and she snuggles right in.  In the morning, she follows me downstairs and curls herself in and out of my legs trying to get attention.  When she's nervous, she hides under anything she can squeeze into.  We've had a few interesting times trying to get her out.  At night she sleeps in our room and after pouncing toes, she prefers to sleep under the bed.  We've had to add an extra blanket over our feet for protection.  We have an open staircase where the second floor looks over the main level.  For some reason, she likes to walk the edge or poke her head out over the edge. 

I'm so afraid she's going to fall off!  She is still learning the "house rules" and I've caught her a couple times on the counter or on the dining room table. 

Sapphie hasn't accepted her yet.  There is still hissing after three weeks, but she is starting to at least tolerate her better.  Ebony didn't have any problem with Frosty.  The first day home, she jumped up right next to him. 

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