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Friday, August 23, 2013


Cambridge is a university town. My understanding is many small colleges such as St. John's, Corpus Christi, King's Colleges make up the University of Cambridge.  There are thirty-one colleges in Cambridge. 

Although, town charters date back to the 12th century, it received city status in 1951. Every city, in order to receive city status, must have a cathedral. Cambridge is the only city without its own chapel due to the fact that Queen Elizabeth II, when after seeing King's College Chapel, was so impressed with the chapel, she declared Cambridge a city without them having to build their own city cathedral. 

King's College Chapel

Although our language is the same, there are a few things that we refer to differently.  Here a 4 lane divided highway is a Dual Carriageway, Interstates are Motorways, trucks are lorries, chips are crisps, french fries are chips, campers are caravans, detours are diversions, parking lots are car parks, restrooms are toilets or loo, 7-up/sprite is lemonade. If I learn of any more, I'll let you know!

We saw tons walking around the city. Cambridge is a beautiful city from its towering cathedrals to its cobblestone pathways.  The history here just amazes me, just to think how old some of these places are.  Of course, John keeps asking me what I think about England.  I've yet to see London and the coastline, which I'm excited to see.  I have to admit, I love everything so far.  Could I live here?  I'm not sure.  I know I'd enjoy the towns and villages, the laid back lifestyle, the traveling, but could I be happy this far away from everyone...I don't know.  If the opportunity presents itself again in the future, it will be a very hard choice.  For now, I'm trying to just concentrate on enjoying and experiencing everything this country has to offer.


Punting on the River Cam

Local neighborhood row houses.

Corpus Clock at Corpus Christi College
Round Church

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  1. Don't drink the lemonade! ;) Not good for your teeth. I think you would love it if you found the right group of friends, but that of course is so hard to predict. It definitely is gorgeous....I know, our hubs should get retirement jobs there together and then we could work on becoming tea drinkers together ;) Love ya lady, hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


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