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Friday, August 23, 2013

Afternoon in St. Ives, UK

John's co-workers got together for lunch at this wonderful little restaurant/pub, The Abbot's Elm in the Village of Abbot's Ripton, so John picked me up to join them. 

After lunch, he dropped me off in the riverside city of St. Ives.  I walked the city center and photographed the city, watched the swans along the river's edge, and enjoyed a coffee at the Costa coffee shop.  I was nervous about being alone, but enjoyed the quiet time.  The cutest little British girl and her dad came down to feed the swans and the ducks.  Loved listening to her accent as she talked to the birds.



John picked me up, thank goodness before my cell phone died, and we ended the day with a cider at The Dragoon.

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  1. So beautiful and peaceful....wish I was there to go adventuring with you! :)


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