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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pine Table Memories

When I first met my husband, my mother-in-law had a pine dining table that was dark, heavy, huge.  Many memories were formed around that table and evidence of that showed on it's massive table top where years of scratches and writing indentations were worn into it.  For reasons beyond her control, the table went to friends who kept it for many years.  Later, the table was given back to her, stripped and reconditioned, but what remained was the evidence still engrained into it's beautifully refinished top.  She told me once that she would never want that table sanded smooth because her families memories were held in that table top every time she looked at it.  What an amazing gift she got back. 

So, with those thoughts in mind, I wanted to have a table for my new kitchen.  I wasn't complaining or asking for a new table.  But, I did want something to sit around with family and friends.  When my mom and aunt came to visit, we were driving down to Kimmswick and stopping at the red light right outside of the town, I saw a table sitting in a parking lot of a little "junk" market. 

I didn't expect it to be much, probably too bad of shape to even want.  But, we were surprised when I looked it over, sturdy table, tight chairs, just needed a little cleaning.  And on the top of this little pine table was years of someone's memories carved into the top.  I had to have it.  So for $40 bucks, I hauled this table home.  Without destroying the memories, I gently sanded the top and recoated it.

It was a gift.  Without asking, God knew the desire of my heart and that I would want this table.  So, the memories will continue as my family grows, as grandchildren come to visit and leave their mark on my little table.

184.  Kitty head butts
185.  Unexpected call from a long-distance friend
186.  A cool breeze after a hot day
187.  Lilacs in bloom

188.  Baby birds
189.  Open windows
190.  A woodpecker's chatter
191.  Grass between your toes
192.  Trees full of new life
193.  Courage to make hard decisions
194.  Yellow-billed cuckoo

195.  Visit with mom and aunt
196.  A surprise lilac tree in our front yard
197.  Gorgeous irises in bloom
198.  Photos that bring much needed self-confidence
199.  Clear answers
200.  A phone call on Mother's Day
201.  Sun on your face
202.  A whole week of photography
203.  A scratched pine table
204.  A child home safe

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