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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kentucky Visit

Have you ever just needed to get away...away from your everyday life, escape from the stresses and worries?  That was me a few weeks ago.  I just needed time to rest, refresh, and reconnect.  John was supposed to head to England and I decided to spend some time visiting family.  Well, his trip got canceled but I still needed this time for myself.  My first stop was in Kentucky to see my Aunt Sharon who lives out in the country.

We shopped antique stores and peddler's malls, did lunches, spent time visiting with my cousins and talked about everything under the sun.  We talked about our kids and motherhood, our disappointments and joy, friendships lost and found.  We took a wonderful Sunday drive around the countryside in search of old barns.  I learned that Kentucky barns are different than other barns.  Built for drying tobacco, they are simple structures usually painted black in order to absorb the sun's heat and help in the drying process.


They live on a large plot of land and often have wild animals come through.  This trip we caught sight of some deer and coyotes.

Kentucky is also horse country with thoroughbred horses and grand stables.

They are just resting!

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