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Thursday, June 23, 2011

North Shore and Dolphin Excursion

Took another drive, this time around the North Shore.  It rained most of the drive, but we did come to a clearing on the way back.  This was a pretty beach.

Ate dinner at the Hilton's restaurant Tropics.


One of our favorite things we did was the Dolphin Excursion.  Beki has always wanted to do this.  I was nervous about the snorkeling, but finally on my second time in the water, I caught on to the whole breathing through the tube thing.  While we were in the water, the dolphins, Hawaiian Spinners, swam right beneath us.  The one pod was huge...40 or more dolphins.  They then took us to a reef to snorkel where we saw some tropical fish and a couple sea turtles.  A photographer went along with us.  Waiting on the CD with all the pics she took of us in the water.  Will post those later.

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