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Monday, October 4, 2010

Kentucky Visit

Spent a few days with my Aunt Sharon in Kentucky.  My mom and several of her other sisters came down for Sharon's birthday.  We had a full weekend of flea market shopping and lunches out.  Saturday night we went to an Italian family-style restaurant, Buca's, for dinner.  We had a lot of fun and ton of laughs.  ♫ The pelvic bone's connected to the shoulder bone.♪

My Aunt Sharon lives out in the rolling hills of the Louisville suburbs.  I got a chance to photograph a bit of her property.  A few of us also went to a nearby state park to try to get a few shots.  I wish the fall colors had been better, but Kentucky is in a drought so a lot of the trees are just losing their leaves without changing color.


Taylorsville Lake

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  1. What a wonderful time with my kids! Everything cooperated and I was even feeling well!! for a change. Beautiful pictures as always Aimee! And beautiful memories as well!!


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