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Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip Home

We were able to meet John up at Coldwater Lake this past weekend.  He'd been in DC for 3 weeks so I was really missing him.  I had hoped for a not-too-cold weekend, but what we got was a surprise...the best Memorial Day Weekend that most could remember for that area.  The sun shined, the water was warm, and we had a wonderful time.  John got there Friday night and was able to get the wave runner running, so all the kids got to go for rides.  We took a beautiful sunset ride out on the lake in the pontoon and another through the shoals.  The sunsets were beautiful every night and, of course, I took lots of pictures.  The girls and I drove on to Toledo Monday while John went home with Frosty.  We stayed Monday and Tuesday with my mom.  My dad was off work so we got to spend some time with him...met mom for lunch and then drove out to Maumee Bay park.  Didn't stay long...Lake Erie isn't the most pleasant lake.  Saw several dead, smelly fish and the water didn't look safe to even step in.  Came home and Angy and the kids came over to swim and hang out.  We are out at Betty and Jerry's house now although they have gone back up to the lake.  Anne and the boys came over and bought us Subway and they got to try out Josh's new kayak.  Plan to go see the Butterfly House in hand!  Then head to PJ and Kim's new house for dinner.  It's been a great week visiting family.  It's always hard trying to squeeze everybody in, but somehow we manage to get it all in.  Looking forward to tomorrow and being back with my hubby who's holding down the fort at home.

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  1. Beautiful pictures Aimee. You are a wonderful photographer, I know I've told you this before. I'm in awe of your ability. How are you? I'm missing the neighborhood quite a bit today. Hello to all.


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