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Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Freebie

I love taking photos of the Spring flowers...the soft, fresh colors draw me in.  This cherry tree was beautiful.  I tried something a little different with this print making it look more like a painting than a photo.  Enjoy this freebie that can be downloaded here

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.  
It just blooms.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The White Cliffs of Dover

Loved, loved, loved our trip out to the White Cliffs of Dover.  It's less than a two hour drive so we set out knowing we had clear weather ahead.  I was pretty proud of myself as I drove the whole way there with little anxiety that usually accompanies my UK driving experiences!

We found the parking and made our way along the coastal trails which butt up pretty close to the cliff edges.  I was really impressed with the views and could have laid there all day listening to the subtle rhythm of the ocean waves crashing along the base of the cliffs.  Our views were beautiful and the skies were so pretty above making for some pretty awesome shots.  From the cliffs, you can also see the Dover Castle off in the distance.  We will have to go back and tour the castle at another time.

There were some horses down there if you zoom in.  Just click on the photo for slideshow view.

All the photos of Dover can be found over here...

We made our way out to South Foreland Lighthouse which is an active lighthouse.  We enjoyed an English tea at the tea room and took a tour of the lighthouse.

Our final treat was getting shots of Dover Castle as the sun was beginning to set.  I was excited with these captures!

The water was the prettiest shades of blue.  

These are 4 and 5 photo panoramic merges.  I took up to 5 vertical photos and using Lightroom, seamed them together.  The program did an amazing job.  I love taking pans as you can print them larger because they contain more pixels to work with.

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