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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lilleliis' Crochet Mouse

I was really excited to get started on this one for my niece who is about to have her 3rd birthday.  She's also going to be the flower girl in my daughter's wedding and so I just had to make her something to help remember this day.  And because she's a little dancer, I was in search of a ballerina pattern that could be made into a bride as well.  I found Marie-Liis Lille's pattern and had to buy it.  This is not a free pattern, but is worth every dime spent as the instructions and pattern are easy to follow.

I tweaked some things and made it my own.  I made the clothes, shoes, and bows removable so that she could have different outfits.  I also made her body and sleeves white so that they'd coordinate with the different outfits.  The wedding shoes became little Mary Jane's.  I'm fairly certain she is going to be loved by a special little girl.  Can't wait to package her up and send her off!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Crochet Daffodils

My mom and I love daffodils. I get impatient and start early by buying pre-cut flower stems at the grocery store. Here in the UK, they start selling early February. So even though it's a bit cold and gloomy, I've got a little bit of Spring inside. Daffodils grow wild here and you'll start seeing their bright heads sometime in March. I decided to make a daffodil I could keep around all year if I wanted! Enjoy!

Crochet Daffodil

Yellow yarn
White yarn
Green yarn

Sturdy floral wire
Size G/6 Crochet Hook for flower
Size F/5 Crochet Hook for stem

I used Drops Muskat 100% Cotton, but you can use any yarn and coordinating hook. Hobby Lobby's I Love That Cotton would work nice as well.

sc--single crochet
dc--double crochet
tr--treble crochet
dtr--double treble

Picot--ch 2 slip stitch into top of the previous dtr stitch just made.


Using a G Hook.
Row 1: 6 sc in Magic Ring. Slip stitch into first sc. Ch 1. 6
Row 2: 2 sc in each stitch around. Slip stitch into first ch 1. Ch 1. 12
Row 3: In back loop only, 1 sc in each stitch around. Slip stitch into first sc. 12
Rows 4-7: Working in the round, 1 sc in each stitch around. 12
Row 8: 1 sc in next stitch, *ch 2, sc in next stitch* 11 times. Ch 2. Slip stitch into first sc. Tie off. 12


Row 1: With trumpet opening facing you, join yarn with a standing sc in first front loop of row 3 from Trumpet part. 1 sc in same stitch. 2 sc in front loop only of next 11 stitches. Join with a slip stitch to first sc. Ch 1. 24

Row 2: *Sc in next stitch, ch 2, dc in next stitch, (tr, dtr, picot, dtr, tr) in next stitch, dc in next stitch. ch 2.* Repeat from *to* 6 times. Slip stitch to starting ch 1. Tie off. Weave in ends.
Row 2: VARIATION. *Sc in next stitch, ch 2, (dc, tr) in next stitch, (dtr, picot, dtr) in next stitch, (tr, dc) in next stitch, ch 2.* Repeat from * to * 6 times. Slip stitch to starting ch 1. Tie off.


I used an F hook for the stem to make it a bit thinner.
Worked in the round.
Row 1: 6 sc in Magic Ring.
Row 2-24: 1 sc in each stitch around. 6 (You can make these rows as long or short as desired.)
Row 25: 2 sc in first stitch, 1 sc in next 5 stitches. 7
Rows 26-28: 1 sc in each stitch around. 7
Row 29: *2 sc in next stitch, 1 sc in each of next 2 stitches* Repeat *to* 3 times. 9

Add a wire through the stem bottom to top to add stability and allow for posing the flowers.  Fill the top of the stem with a little polyester filling.  Sew stem to bottom of trumpet.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Porto, Portugal

I'd been hoping for a sunny holiday and Porto did not disappoint.  We had mostly sun with one day of rain....ahhhh!  I can still feel the sun shining on my face.  We ventured to Portugal with some friends on a three night trip.  The first day we walked from Gaia to Porto across the bridge.  We walked about the city and visited an old bookstore where the library in Harry Potter was designed after.  Took some photos at the train station and some of us took a 240 step climb up a tower to get some awesome city views.  Day two was our Douro Valley wine tour.  We did some wine tasting and got to see where they grow the grapes for Port wine.  Just beautiful countryside, however, rugged terrain as the grape vines grow in shale.  They have cold, cold winters and very hot summers in this region.  The tour included a river cruise and a Portuguese lunch family style, as well as two winery tours.

For more amazing photos of Porto, please visit

Looking out over Gaia toward Porto from our flat.  Gaia is where the port cellars are located which is mostly what you see below, the roofs of the cellars.

Looking across the River Douro at Porto.

Train station well known for it's tile art.

Douro Valley tour

The start of our river tour.

Two story bridge, metro and walking across the top and auto and walking across the bottom.

240 steps up this tower! 

To get these views!!

Inside of the church at the bottom of the tower. 

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