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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Paris...Street Scenes and Cityscapes

Our first trip of the new year took us to beautiful Paris.  It's a gorgeous city, rich in architecture and culture.  There are lots of museums, fun cafes, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower!  We hit as many of them as we could squeeze in.  Unfortunately, this trip, due to too many stairs, I hurt my knee.  A month later, I'm still nursing it.  There are a lot of photos to share, so I've decided to divide them up into several posts, this one being the street scenes and cityscapes. 

It was really cold and except for the first night, it was also cloudy and overcast most of the time.  Hope to go back in the Spring, maybe summer.  

Le Palais Royal Courts


The tunnel where Princess Diana was killed

The Flame of Liberty gifted to France by the US for the Statue of Liberty

Views from on top of the Arc De Triomphe

Enjoyed some good spaghetti and crepes at this cafe.

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