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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hemingford Grey

Hemingford Grey, a small village located in Cambridgeshire, UK, is one of my favorites.  John and I discovered a very good restaurant located here called The Cock.  You can take a quick stroll along the river before or after dinner, watch the sunset, or walk along the public footpath where you'll discover a beautiful church yard.

One of the best restaurants around.  Great rotating menu and friendly staff.  They are beginning to recognize us now.

I tried my first scallops and my first veal at this restaurant.  Loved them both!  Their desserts are incredible and don't miss the Muscat wine found on the dessert menu. 


Pretty pink house with the street right up to the doorstep.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures. I love vicariously through your quite, adventurous and PEACEFUL life. LOL. Thx.

    1. Thanks, Alice! I am loving this new life and style. We are finishing up some decorating and then I'll have pics of the house!


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