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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Table Facelift

I remember the year I bought this pretty little table.  My Aunt Sharon was visiting and we went shopping at an antique mall in Nebraska.  So, yeah, it's been around for awhile.  Haven't lived in Nebraska since 2002.  Here are a couple before pictures.  You can see there was some damage to the finish on the top, but it's a sturdy little table.
I loved the carved rose and the frilly handle on this table, but I always wanted to do something different with the finish...repaint, restain.  Anyways, I finally decided to paint it.  I had some left over Sherwin Williams To Go paint in the perfect color. 

After a light sanding, I applied two coats of paint. 

For the highlights, I added a whitewash in white chalk paint to the grooves and the carved flower.  After a good drying time, I applied a wax and buffed.  Using a glossy white spray paint, I applied several coats of paint on the handle.  I've been debating on whether to apply a polycrylic topcoat.  It has turned out way better than my expectations!



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Maybelle Square Afghan

January is, in my opinion, one of the slowest months of the year.  I tend to get a little restless.  With Christmas over, my eyes are looking for Spring.  To help the month along a little, I decided to start a new project...a new afghan for my crafting/bedroom.  I wasn't sure what pattern I wanted to make, so with the help of Pinterest, I found a cute little flower square motif called the Maybelle Square.  The pattern for Maybelle Flower can be found at and the directions for the square at My Rose Valley Blog

I made 48 squares per the directions above using Caron Simply Soft Orchid, Heather and White yarn and a size G hook.

I added one border to each of the squares.  Connect yarn in corner, (ch 3, 2dc, ch, 2 dc in same stitch), *ch 1, sk next hdc, sc in next stitch*.  Repeat from ** along each side.  (2 dc, ch, 2dc) in each corner.  NOTE:  My corners didn't match up so first and third corners were instructions above, second and fourth corners were opposite *sc in first hdc, ch 1, skip next hdc*.

I tried a couple different ways to connect the blocks, but settled on joining them with a simple slip stitch.

For the border:  One row of sc, one row of dc, and one row of sc making three in each corner of each row.  Last row was interlocking chains using two colors.  The directions for the interlocking chains can be found here.  I only used the last part of these instructions that pertained directly to the interlocking stitch.  I love the frilly edge it made. 

Of course, Ebony approves!

Oh, and the pretty little crochet hook came from a wonderful little Etsy Shop called Polymer Clay Shed. She does an amazing job...loving the feel and quality of my new hooks.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Zendoodle Animals

I started these last year and, finally, finished them up.  The lamb, duck, and rabbit are part of a nursery series.  The bunny I did a few years ago.  I think they make a really sweet set.

...and, of course, one of my favorites...the cat!

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