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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY-Painted Glass Jars

I found a use for those cute little Frappuccino bottles.  I've been craving these drinks all summer! 
This is so easy and you have quick little accent pieces in no time.  I applied two coats of chalk paint and sanded lightly with a sanding sponge.  And, of course, some pretty embellishments....


 Waiting on a lavender chalk paint to come in to finish the third bottle.


My room is slowly coming together.  I've been working on a make-over for my daughter's old bedroom.  It's going to stay a bedroom, but be a combo room for me to enjoy as well.  The room is going to be light and bright...a perfect area to work on drawings or my blog!  :o) I still need to paint the walls, which I plan to make a really soft off-white with hint of lavender.  When I eventually get it together, I'll post pics.  Can't wait!


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  1. REALLY CUTE! YOU ARE SO TALENTED! Hmmm! wonder where you got that from? ♥MOM


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