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Friday, October 11, 2013

Hanging Lake Trail

Our day started at 4:45 am.  And I'm not a morning person.  We flew 2 1/4 hours into Denver Airport, rented our car and headed west on I-70.  It was a little bit chilly when we landed at 8 am, about 45*.  As you can see, there is some snow in the Colorado mountains.

We arrived in Glenwood Springs, CO about 3 hours later where we found a Brew House for lunch.  Our waitress suggested we must do The Hanging Lake hike.  We followed her advice and went in search of the trail.  Heeding little attention to the signs suggesting taking plenty of water and that the hike was strenuous, we made our way up and up and up. 

It never stopped being an incline the entire 1 mile up which took us about 2 1/2 hours to get to the top.  I struggled, having just come off of being sick and still a little congested, up to the top having to stop a lot and catch my breath and bring my heart rate back to normal!  But the lake was worth the effort as it does literally seem to hang up there in the mountain. 

 That night we went to a natural hot spring pool and recuperated from the hike. 

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