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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

England--The Eagle Pub

My first weekend in the UK turned out great.  We got a little bit of rain on Saturday and a lot of my pictures have gray skies, but they are still beautiful.  We can't control the weather.  We got up early Saturday, drove to Cambridge, and started our walking tour.  It was a little cool without the sun shining.  We spent two days of walking.  By the end of Sunday night my legs and hips were hurting and I had a blister on the bottom of my foot! 

We ate lunch at one of John's old crew's hangouts, The Eagle Pub.  Of course, I had to try the classic Fish and Chips.

This pub is famous as the meeting place for those who discovered DNA, but is also a well-known military hangout.
You have to zoom in to read this, but it says it is the location of the meeting where they discovered DNA.

The patches along the walls represent all the different flights, squadrons that have been in the pub. 
The ceiling is writings of two air forces, WWII US 8th Air Force and Royal Air Force.
John's Combat Sent crew patch is among the patches found here.

John's friend, Jason, who has lived and worked here the past five years met us for dinner at Jamie's and then we walked to a couple different pubs.
Soda or pop, as some of us call it, such as 7-Up or Sprite is known as "lemonade" here.  This botanical blend was infused with real roses which I wasn't real sure if I liked it or not.  Kind of reminded me of drinking hand soap...just slightly!  A free house is a pub that is allowed to sell all variety and company of beers.  They are not sponsored by the state and pay heavy taxes for their products. 


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