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Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Cynical Valentine

My husband, John, while we were watching a Hallmark movie says, "Valentine's Day is just a fake holiday created by retailers to make more money" or something to that effect!  This said after I tell him how much I like this time of year.  I don't think he realizes how much I enjoy gifts...getting gifts, making gifts, giving gifts.  A while back, I read the book, The Five Love Languages, and discovered that I feel loved and appreciated when someone goes out of their way to give me a "gift."  And it doesn't have to be big or expensive.  It just has to say, "I thought of you."

A romantic at heart,
I love the idea of LOVE.
I love roses and hearts and red and diamonds and chocolate covered cherries and love stories...
this girl was made for Valentine's Day.

So, this year I decided to dress things up a bit.  I put up my little tree and am decorating it with mostly handmade ornaments.  It's adorable!  A friend of mine, Barb, and I went shopping yesterday and I found some vintage Valentine cards that I am making into ornaments.

Gordman's had some ornaments that were pretty inexpensive.  Love that store, they have some of the best house decor at great prices.


  1. Ohhhh All the decorations came out so nice! Looking forward 4 1/2 years to when I'll have time for fun mom used to say you can grow plants or children, not both at the same time...guess it's good that my plants always die and my kids are ok!

  2. I seriously need to get a little tree...I love yours! :) Boys! D was TDY this V-day and the silly side of me was actually a little disappointed that no flowers arrived...of course I couldn't keep my mouth shut and teased him on the phone that night that I was still awaiting the delivery man. His reply, "But, I thought years ago you said not to get you anything, that it wasn't necessary." Um! We were broke at the time!!! Next year I'm buying my own flowers :D

    OK, off to read more! Gosh I'm behind! :)


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