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Friday, July 6, 2012


It seems life is forging ahead as much as I try to hold it back.  These past two months have been a bit of a blur.  Beki's graduation ceremony was May 19th.  I'm a bit behind, but no surprise with everything that's been going on.  The ceremony itself wasn't too terribly long considering there were 605 graduates!  Beki graduated 10th in her class.  That's pretty impressive and we are very proud of her.  I did well getting through the day.  I thought for sure I'd be an emotional mess watching my last graduate, but I held it together.  It's a strange feeling realizing the grade school days are over.  Grandma Betty came out for the ceremony.  It was great having her here for a visit.  We did some fun things, keeping her pretty busy.

Beki and I drove to Toledo and stayed 9 days.  We celebrated with a party in Ohio with our family and friends and again later had a small party for her here in Illinois.  She invited some friends over and they got the firepit going.  Ari and Anthony came to visit then too. 

After our trip home to Ohio, we went to Missouri State University for SOAR, student registration.  She got a great schedule worked out.  It was a whirlwind of seminars for her and for us.  We took Ari and Anthony out for dinner to Lambert's Restaurant.  It's always a fun place to go and this time the wait wasn't 2 hours!!  She's officially a college student now!

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