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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Springfield, Illinois-Day Trip

Beki had another Show Choir competition up in Springfield last weekend, so John and I drove up for the day.  While in the Capitol, we decided to tour Abraham Lincoln's home.  We had lunch and headed over to the competition.  They made finals, placing 5th overall.  They also won the People's Choice Award! 


We are getting closer and closer to graduation!  Can't believe the year is almost over.  Beki and I went Prom dress shopping last week and discovered that the price of prom dresses has escalated over the years!  Wow!  We had to do some convincing (coercing :o)) to get dad to help contribute to the "dress fund."  She is going to be absolutely beautiful.  We are picking it up tomorrow.  This is my last prom with my girls.  Beki has decided to go to Missouri State University next year.  I'm relieved knowing Ari and Anthony will be there with her.  So, with Beki leaving soon, John and I have some big decisions ahead.  We have talked to our realtor to get an idea about what the market is like in this area.  Kind of thinking there's going to be a move in my near future!  He is already looking at homes in the St. Louis area as we will probably stay in the area.

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