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Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis the Season!

Dear Family and Friends,

Here we are again, another year almost past.  It's been an exciting year for all of us. The highlight of the year was our trip to Hawaii to visit our friends in Oahu.  Beki joined us on the 9 day trip and we finished with a stop in Seattle.  It was my first time in Hawaii and I loved every minute of it!

John and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in September.  We were able to take a trip to Sedona, Arizona in November to celebrate.

Beki participated in the spring musical, Jekyll and Hyde.  They worked hard for 2 months and put on a spectacular show.  She's been busy preparing for college...ACT's, college applications, essays.  She's gotten 3 acceptances from Missouri State University, The University of Missouri (Mizzou) and Ohio State.  MSU has offered her the Board of Governor's Scholarship which covers most tuition and all out-of-state fees.  She takes her last Senior finals this month.  She's continued to work at 54th Street Grill and was able to purchase her first car in August, a little candy apple red Chevy Cobalt.  As part of the Chamber Choir at school, she's been able to perform the Madrigal's Dinner this season.  It's a renaissance style show.  The kids do a tremendous's a wonderful show.  We are incredibly proud of this girl and all she has accomplished!

Ari is in her 3rd year at MSU, now studying professional writing.  She just accepted a part time job in the writing lab where she'll be able to help others with their writing.  She and Anthony got engaged in July.  We started right away planning for a January 1st wedding.  Everything is falling into place and we are all excited to be bringing in the new year with all our friends and family. 

John's job is going well, he's recently been given a new and exciting part of the world to work with.  We are making friends with his co-workers.  We recently had a party and invited them all out.  He also received a couple bonuses for work well done in his specific areas.  He still enjoys reading, talking politics, and the occasional glass of pinot noir.  Our life has been good here in Illinois, but with Beki soon to be moving on to college, we are contemplating our next steps. 

I'm trying to enjoy my last year with Beki...soaking up as much time and fun as we can squeeze in before she leaves.  I've got a horrible case of empty nest syndrome.  In the midst of all the wedding planning and costume fixing, I'm still working on my photography.  I was honored to have a couple Seniors hire me this year for their senior pictures.  Hoping next year to have more time to get things moving. 

We wish you all a blessed Christmas season...may your new year be filled with great memories.  No matter how long since we've seen you, we think of you all often and miss you.

John, Aimee, Ari and Beki

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  1. And we miss you all!!! Congratulations to both John with work and Beki with all the college options!

    Sending much love!


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