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Monday, November 14, 2011

Sedona, Arizona

I'm not sure how to explain how much I love this place.  Did you ever have the feeling as you entered a place that you'd come home?  This was my third time here and anticipation filled every sense as we rounded the mountain into this beautiful valley.  This is what you see.

We spent four days hiking and exploring.  I was so exhausted by evening, I could hardly get through dinner.  It becomes almost obsessive, if I don't keep going, I might miss something!  So I pushed through and was rewarded with some of the most amazing scenery I've ever seen.

Morning light

Evening light of the same valley, different direction.

Standing on a bridge leading to a ranch off of Red Rock Loop, we found this beautiful display of fall color.  Notice the snow on the mountains.  We got two snowfalls, the second one producing snow in the Sedona Valley, which is a very rare occurence.

This is the result of our 45 minute hike pretty much straight up the side of Doe Mountain.  We did hairpin turns all the way up.  We had hoped for clearer skies, but got some incredible shots even with the clouds.

Later that day, we took a second hike out West Fork, which is about 6 miles round trip.  We crossed this creek at least ten times.  On the second crossing, I slipped and soaked my shoe through.  Thankfully, with all the walking, my foot did not get cold.

Well, this is a start...I'll post another set later.


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  1. Just incredible!!! I hope J was carrying all your equipment up all these cliffs! :o)

    (HI M~ for some reason my account won't let me post with my profile...)


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