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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zoo Visit

I just noticed I haven't written anything in a while.  Guess it's time to catch up.  I've been trying to use my down time to work on some photo editing.  By the way, I got two new lenses...finally!  I studied for weeks reviews and charts and although, some would say never buy anything but Nikon I decided on two very wonderful Sigma lenses.  The first for group and individual portraits, the other, a macro zoom lense, which should also be great for portrait work.  Still playing with them and trying to find my "zone."  Guess I'll have to get Beki out there again. 

Yesterday, I wanted badly to go out to the zoo to test out the zoom lense.  Tried heading out in the morning, but the skies looked threatening and we decided to go home.  Late afternoon, we decided to try again.  Well, for my first try with this monster lense, I think I did fairly well.  Here's a peak at some of my zoo favorites.

I think this is my favorite of the day...he just pierced me with those eyes.

Either he was thinking about dinner or maybe that I was looking a bit appetizing. ;o)

She looked so regal sitting up there.

When this guy saw me coming...he strutted right at me just like he was coming over to pose and then he did!  Another passer-by even commented that he must like the attention and the camera.  I was just afraid he was going to spit on me!

...another favorite.

The storms did finally hit with some tornado watches and warnings again in our areas.  It didn't stop us though from meeting some friends (Kelly and Phil) way out on the other side of St. Louis for a taste of Lebanese food at Saleem's.  It was great company and wonderful and will have to be added as another favorite.  The 45 minute drive is well worth it.

And a couple nice shots of my hubby...

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