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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day at the Zoo

Today my zoo trip was all about testing my new 70-200mm macro lens.  I think I'm falling in love with it already.  I can now get shots I've never been able to achieve.  I can't help but share a few of today's favorites.  Hope you all enjoy.

This one is my favorite of the day!

Just a big ole pussycat!

Mr. Lion was laying down...thought this was an interesting capture. you can see.

Peacock couple...happened to run into both of them at different places.


  1. Wow! You can even make out the elephants eye ball, it's so crisp! Gorgeous!!! The one of the lioness is my favorite too :o) won't let me post with my account...wacky blogger. It's just me ;o)

  2. Aw, you didn't put up the one of the lion sticking its tongue out. That was my favorite. I still like the others a lot, though, especially the lions.


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