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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Shoot

What a wonderful evening it was for a photo shoot.  I sure hope I was able to capture the spirit of this family.  They are good friends and neighbors with two very special twin boys.  We had a good time walking through the Arch Mall and enjoyed a great dinner at Mango's Peruvian Restaurant downtown when we finished photos.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trip to Kimmswick, MO

This past weekend was a gorgeous weekend...fall colors starting to show. The temps were a bit warm, but still nice and sunny. John and I went on another day trip to Kimmswick, MO, an historic town about 30 minutes south of St. Louis. We made a stop at Mastodon State Park and toured the exhibit and grounds before heading to the town.

Kimmswick is an adorable little town.  All the old homes in the district have been converted to shops and restaurants.  I had a lot of fun strolling through the streets and the shops.

Some of the store fronts

I loved this picture of the cross in the window.

Doesn't it just make you want to go see for yourself.

We made sure to walk on the oldest wrought iron bridge in Missouri.

Our day didn't end here.  Since we were almost there already, we decided to go a little further south and visit St. Genevieve, another historic town.  On the way there, we detoured to try to find the river.  When we got to the town, we followed the signs down to the ferry and took some pictures of the river.

John watching the ferry cross.

We found the St. Genevieve Winery Store and stopped in for a few samples.  It was getting late in the day and most of the stores were already closed, so we walked around for awhile.

It was a really good day and I enjoyed my "date day" with John.  We've been trying to venture out on his days off to see new places and things.  We are having a good time exploring together.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kentucky Visit

Spent a few days with my Aunt Sharon in Kentucky.  My mom and several of her other sisters came down for Sharon's birthday.  We had a full weekend of flea market shopping and lunches out.  Saturday night we went to an Italian family-style restaurant, Buca's, for dinner.  We had a lot of fun and ton of laughs.  ♫ The pelvic bone's connected to the shoulder bone.♪

My Aunt Sharon lives out in the rolling hills of the Louisville suburbs.  I got a chance to photograph a bit of her property.  A few of us also went to a nearby state park to try to get a few shots.  I wish the fall colors had been better, but Kentucky is in a drought so a lot of the trees are just losing their leaves without changing color.


Taylorsville Lake

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