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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Market Bag

Just finished my recent project.  It's a Market Bag by Garn Studio.  You can find the free pattern HERE.  I pretty much followed the pattern exactly.  I used Drops Paris yarn, however, I did change the color scheme.  I also added a single crocheted tab closure with button.  The yarn estimates were pretty good.  I tend to crochet a little loose so I did run out of the light blue.  There are only 3 strands in each braided handle instead of 6.  It came very close!  The pattern was fun and easy to follow.

DROPS PARIS from Wool Warehouse

200 g color no 30, grey blue
150 g color no 20, light pink
100 g color no 33, medium pink
100 g color no 29, light ice blue
100 g color no 17, off white
50 g color no 35, vanilla

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